Our Programs

Victim Advocacy

The Victim Advocate provides on-going contact with victims of crime and their families, acting as a liaison between the criminal justice system and other agencies and the victim. HAVEN provides individual and family counseling, as well as  emergency food, clothing, housing and other services as needed. We provide ON-SCENE CRISIS RESPONSE 24 hours per day. Trained Advocates will go on scene, to the hospital or meet at the Center to assist all victims and their families throughout the process. 

Crisis Counseling

Immediate Crisis Counseling and follow up therapeutic sessions are available as well as a 24 hour crisis hotline. All staff is trained and certified and all Therapists are State Licensed.  Support Groups are available also

Community Education

While we respond to crimes after they occur, we wanted to begin services to hopefully prevent these types of crimes. HAVEN Center also houses the Mohave County Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAP) which is a volunteer council that provides community education and awareness programs helping to combat the spread of child abuse. This includes Community Education where we conduct training in the schools, daycares and nursing homes to teach professionals how to identify and report child and elder abuse. We conduct Mandated Reporter Trainings to the schools, daycares and other agencies. It is important that professionals know how to respond to cases of abuse.

We provide Community Trainings on topic such as: Domestic Violence Awareness, Sexual Assault Awareness, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and the Protective Factors, Resilience in Families,  Domestic Violence and Children among many others. We also host events during April for Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month and October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Mandated Reporter Laws Training

HAVEN Center offers training on the Mandated Reporter Laws. This training is approximately 90 minutes long and addresses the legalities of the Mandated Reporter law, how to make a report, who to report to, what information is needed and how to make your report successful to assure that it gets the proper response from Department of Child Safety and/or Law Enforcement. If you are interested in receiving this training, please call our office: 928-505-3153.

Child Abuse Prevention Council

Mohave County Child Abuse Prevention Councils offers community awareness, parental educational materials, and child abuse prevention education throughout Mohave County, Arizona. For more information on meeting times and how to join the Child Abuse Prevention Council call 928-505-3153 X11.

“It Shouldn’t Hurt to Be A Child”    

Positive Parenting Program

A free program to parents and caregivers with topics that include: Parenting in Public; Stress and the Single Parent;  Sexual Behavior in Children; Successful Disciplining; Infant and Child Safety;  Reviewing Daycare Options and Shaken Baby.

Food 4 Kidz

The Food 4 Kidz Program, which provides food to homeless and at risk children on the weekends to help supplement the free and reduced lunch program provided by the schools.

Because hunger doesn’t take the weekend off!

Our Services

  • Forensic Exams and Interviews
  • On-Scene Crisis Response
  • Basic Needs
  • Safety Planning
  • 24 Hour Hotline
  • Court Advocacy
  • Case Management
  • Counseling & Support Groups
  • Mandated Reporter Training
  • Community Education
  • Positive Parenting
  • Personal Advocacy
  • Emergency Housing and Transportation

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