(Havasu Abuse Victims Education Network)

MISSION STATEMENT: The Mission of H.A.V.E.N. Center is to assist children and vulnerable adult victims by working in alliance with other agencies to reduce the trauma to victims of crime and increase the success for prosecution.

We provide services for victims and families in crisis at NO COST to the family. Through grant funding and community donations, victims and their families can access these services to help reduce trauma. Victims have the opportunity to obtain a variety of crisis services in one location, with all agencies working together in their best interest. On-scene crisis response is also available.

Integrating services to support victims and their families.

Victim Advocacy – Medical – Mental Health – Child Protection – Adult Protection – Investigation – Prosecution – Community Resources

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Serving Victims and Families in Crisis

Victims of crimes as well as families in crisis need a safe place to receive necessary services.

In the past, victims of violent crime suffered not only the sense of being violated but were re-traumatized by the system. They were shuttled from agency to agency to relate their violation over and over before receiving needed services and/ or being able to assist in the prosecution of the perpetrator.

H.A.V.E.N. Center was developed to lessen a victim’s trauma and provide a safe location where a victim could be examined by trained medical staff, be questioned by a trained forensic interviewer and linked to any needed service, all in one place. The creation of the center has not only reduced the trauma to the victim, it has also increased the number of arrests and prosecution of the perpetrators.

H.A.V.E.N. Center has become a caring, safe haven for abused children and adult victims of crime, as well as those in crisis.